Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne (1839-1906), Post-Impressionist French painter, often called the father of modern art. Cezanne went to a law University out of respect to his father, but at the end he dropped out to pursue his life's passion, which was art. Cezanne's father disagreed with his desicion but at the end came to terms with it out of understanding his great talent and left him a great amount of money after his death and helped Cezanne to porsue his dreams.

His difficult personality made it hard for him to mix with other leading painters at that time.

Most of his life his art was misunderstood and discredited by the public.

At his final years, his art became more popular, and he started to withdraw from friends and from his wife. Cezanne became obsessed with his work and it was time consuming since he paintewd slowly. He became sort of a legendary figure, and his fame began to spread.

Cezanne paved the way for emerging impressionism to Cubism, Exporessionism and Fauvism.

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